Marijuana…to smoke or not to smoke?

April 15, 2009 at 4:22 PM Leave a comment

I’m sure that there is a very large part of the population that smokes, or has smoked up at least once in their life. I was one of the few that was very much against smoking pot for the last several years. Ever since I was in high school, and watched everyone do it, I refused. I do drink, and enjoy partying, and I didn’t mind if other people smoked up around me (although I preferred not to hang out with them) but I didn’t want to touch the stuff. It wasn’t because of all the health myths (I smoke cigs), but it was because I was afraid of being considered grungy. A pothead. Dependent on a feeling, or mindset brought about by marijuana. I did not want to become that. In high school, those kids were gross, and didn’t go anywhere with their lives.

Now, I’m far out of high school, and well aware of my decisions and the consequences to follow. I tried marijuana, which proved to be a great release from extreme stress. Finally, years later, I got it. It’s great. I don’t care if people think that I’m a potthead anymore, because after all the partying, the friends, the hangovers, the gossip, the bad work schedule, the exams, the family drama, the money stuff, the unhappiness that I’ve experienced in the last few years, marijuana swept in and cleared my head. So for those of you who still think like I did, don’t hate until you’ve tried it. I’m writing this because I have a very judgemental close friend. It’s easy to wonder why people enjoy marijuana, but don’t question what you can never understand.

However, I’m proud that I wasn’t a stupid teenager, smoking everyday, every hour on the hour. I waited until I was older, responsible, and understood what my priorities were. Maybe that’s what everyone should do. Hold out until you really need it.

I found this website quite interesting, as it reassured me which weed myths were myths:


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